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Recruitable offers several solutions that are as tailored and flexible as you would like them to be. We offer a full range of services that encompass all stages of the hiring process. We work collaboratively with each party to ensure full transparency and satisfaction throughout the recruitment journey.

types of partnerships

Permanent Search

We partner with your organisation and work as an extension of your team. Our main objective is to understand your unique challenges, enabling us to create strategies that position you as the employer of choice while fostering long-term talent retention. You will have access to all of our resources including candidates who are working on an exclusive basis with Recruitable. We offer the option of securing priority by paying a percentage of the fee upfront.

Executive Search

We cultivate close relationships with C-Suite Executives, engaging with them daily to gain deep insights into their aspirations, goals, and values. This invaluable understanding empowers us to expertly match them with the perfect organisation when they are seeking new challenges. We firmly believe that every connection is an opportunity waiting to be nurtured, and we are committed to unlocking the full potential of each interaction. 

Volume & Projects

This partnership is ideal for organisations seeking to hire five or more employees or embarking on a special project that demands personalized support. We accompany our clients throughout the entire journey, from initial consultation to successful hiring. Our comprehensive process begins with an introductory meeting, allowing us to understand your unique needs and customize our services to perfectly align with your requirements.


We understand that every partnership is unique so each search is customizable to your organization’s needs.

Recruitable follows the below steps to ensure a seamless and successful search.